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Manufacturing a wide range of threading tools for more than 90 years, Yamawa is one of the most important tap manufacturers in the world and represents the quality landmark of its activity sector.

Established in 1923 in Tokyo, Yamawa has 4 plants in the north of Japan. Foundation of that excellence, the outstanding quality control, applied to every manufacturing process.Yamawa's thorough quality control and consideration to environment result in a fact that we have obtained ISO9001 certificate as the first tap manufacturer in Japan.

Mr. Jokichi Watanabe started the business in Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo. Since then, YAMAWA has been making an effort to evolve its technologies along with the progress of Japanese machine industry. YAMAWA will respond to diverse customers’ needs by continuously focusing on research and development.

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96265.0TC GG-HT TICN 371 ISO2X M5X0.8 Machine tap Yamawa OUTLET

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96266.0TC GG-HT TICN 371 ISO2X M6X1 Machine tap Yamawa OUTLET

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96268.0TC GG-HT TICN 371 ISO2X M8X1.25 Machine tap Yamawa OUTLET

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9626010TC GG-HT TICN 371 ISO2X M10X1.5 Machine tap Yamawa OUTLET

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Price 17.27 €

YAMAWA SP+VA, Metric Machine threading tap, spiral, Oxided

Price 17.47 €

YAMAWA PO-VA, M Machine tap, for through hole, OX treatment

Price 22.52 €

Yamawa SP-BLF Coating, M machine tap, for blind holes, TiN-coated

Price 22.72 €

YAMAWA SP-VA Metric Machine tap, for blind holes, Oxided

Price 23.11 €

Yamawa, SP OX, MF Machine tap for blind holes, Metric fine, OX-Treatment

Price 25.30 €

YAMAWA, PO-VA, Machine tap, Metric fine, for through holes, Ox-treatment

Price 26.36 €

YAMAWA, PO Coating, Machine tap, For through holes, TiN-coated

Price 29.96 €

YAMAWA, VUPO, M Machine tap, For through holes, TiCN-coating

Price 32.67 €

YAMAWA, SP Coating, G-thread, For blind hole, TiN-coating

Price 36.08 €

YAMAWA, PO Coating, Konekierretappi, G-kierre, Pohjareikä, TiN-pinnoitettu

Price 36.08 €

Yamawa, R-D Coating, Forming machine tap, Roll tap, TiN-coated

Price 43.08 €

YAMAWA, HP+RZ/HP-RZ, Forming machine tap, TiCN-coating

Price 46.65 €

Yamawa, VUPO, Machine tap, Metric Fine, for trough holes, TiCN-Coating

Price 60.00 €

Yamawa, VUSP, Metric Machine tap, For blind holes, TiCN-Coating, HSSP

Price 60.00 €