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Discover the comprehensive range of Yamawa tools for your machining needs. From high-performance taps to specialized dies, center drills, point drills, NC starting drills, and precision countersinks, our top-quality tools ensure efficient and precise results. Explore our product range today for exceptional machining solutions.

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Price 17.27 €

YAMAWA SP+VA, Metric Machine threading tap, spiral, Oxided

Price 17.47 €

YAMAWA PO-VA, M Machine tap, for through hole, OX treatment

Price 22.52 €

Yamawa SP-BLF Coating, M machine tap, for blind holes, TiN-coated

Price 22.72 €

YAMAWA SP-VA Metric Machine tap, for blind holes, Oxided

Price 23.11 €

Yamawa, SP OX, MF Machine tap for blind holes, Metric fine, OX-Treatment

Price 25.30 €

YAMAWA, PO-VA, Machine tap, Metric fine, for through holes, Ox-treatment

Price 26.36 €

YAMAWA, PO Coating, Machine tap, For through holes, TiN-coated

Price 29.96 €

YAMAWA, VUPO, M Machine tap, For through holes, TiCN-coating

Price 32.67 €

YAMAWA, SP Coating, G-thread, For blind hole, TiN-coating

Price 36.08 €

YAMAWA, PO Coating, Konekierretappi, G-kierre, Pohjareikä, TiN-pinnoitettu

Price 36.08 €

Yamawa, R-D Coating, Forming machine tap, Roll tap, TiN-coated

Price 43.08 €

YAMAWA, HP+RZ/HP-RZ, Forming machine tap, TiCN-coating

Price 46.65 €

Yamawa, VUPO, Machine tap, Metric Fine, for trough holes, TiCN-Coating

Price 60.00 €

Yamawa, VUSP, Metric Machine tap, For blind holes, TiCN-Coating, HSSP

Price 60.00 €