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Introducing Nikko Tools by Sorma, offering high-quality indexable solutions in drilling, milling, threading, turning, and grooving. With advanced materials and constant improvement, our products exceed expectations, providing exceptional performance and precise results.

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TNMG160408-NUP JC8025 Nikko (holder 2020K16 / 2525M16)

Price 7.86 €

TNMG160408-NUP JC9025 Nikko (holder 2020K16 / 2525M16) For Stainless steel

Price 8.07 €

WNMG080408-NUP JC8025 NIKKO (holder 2525M08 / 2020K08)

Price 8.66 €

WNMG080408-NUP JC9025 NIKKO (holder 2525M08 / 2020K08) For stainless steel

Price 8.66 €

CNMG120408-NUP JC8025 Nikko (holder 2020K12 / 2525M12)

Price 8.89 €

CNMG120408-NUP JC9025 Nikko (holder 2020K12 / 2525M12) For Stainless steel

Price 8.89 €

NT-RKP16R08M-GP JP5530 Indexable insert for NIKKO face mill for Steel and Stainless steel

Price 10.75 €

Indexable insert for NIKKO face mill APKT1604PDSR-GP JP5520 for steel and stainless steel

Price 10.75 €

NT-DRK10R08K-GP JP8725 NIKKO milling insert for Steel

Price 15.00 €

NT-DRK10R08K-GP JP9535 NIKKO milling insert for stainless steel

Price 15.00 €

Holder for internal turning NT-S16Q-SCLCR09 HOLDERS NIKKO

Price 68.94 €

Holder for internal turning NT-S20R-SCLCR09 HOLDERS NIKKO

Price 80.62 €