Machine Buying Guide / FAQ

Where are the machines manufactured?

The majority of all the big manufacturers have moved their production to China, where it has been invested a lot in machinery manufacturing. The majority of NOVA metal- and wood processing machines are made in China today, like most other European and American brands (JET, Holzmann, Bernardo, Optimum, Huvema, Grizzly, HBM, Knuth, Titanium ...). Some NOVA packing machines are manufactured in Italy and some machines can still be made in Finland and Germany.

Who is the importer of the machines?

We import and manufacture the machines under our own registered name NOVA. The machines are manufactured at our selected factories and shipped directly to our own warehouse in Finland. We cooperate directly with the factories because it guarantees a quick response in both directions. This increases value for the customer when unnecessary discussions with wholesalers and retailers may be left away. We invest in quality and the price will be a benefit for customers.

How can I find out the machine's origin?

We will always tell you honestly where the equipment has been manufactured. If you compare different brands and suspect that the sellers answer regarding the country of origin, you shall request the "Certificate of Origin". Many companies are marketing their machines that they come from Germany, Austria or America, but usually they are made in China and the wholesalers warehouse is located in the said country.

Is the user's manual in English?

We deliver user manual in English and you get technical support by telephone and email in English.

How fast is the machines delivered?

Our warehouse is located in Lapua, Finland. We will process your order immediately and the products are often sent the same day. Over 95% of the products are always in stock. In contrast to many others that reduce their products in stock, we do the opposite and invest in a good supply security. When the machines are in our own stock, we know what we are selling and we can keep our promises to our customers. This is a part of Nova's reliable service. Delivery is normally within Finland 1-2 days and to Sweden within 5 working days. Many other online stores are selling without their own warehouse which often results in long delivery time.

How does the guarantee work?

NOVA guarantee is always 100% reliable. Since we have our own service and the machines are in our own warehouse, we are able to meet warranty obligations directly and the machines can be constantly in use instead of waiting for spare parts or advice from a long supply chain.

Do you have a store where I can try out the machines?

Yes, the entire NOVA collection can be seen and tested in our shop in Seinäjoki. We have Finland's most extensive range of machines in stock and guests are invited to compare different machines. We are open weekdays 8 AM to 5 PM

How to order?

You can order by phone, fax, email and online. We offer personal service both in sales and in technical support.