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Introducing Osawa by Sorma S.p.A. – Socio Unico, offering high-quality milling and drilling tools. With expertise from Japan, Europe, and rigorous ISO 9001 certification, Osawa delivers a diverse selection:

1) Solid carbide drills with and without coolant
2) Wide range of solid carbide end mills for various applications
3) High-performance tools for hardened steel, stainless steel, and super alloys
4) Premium carbide rotary burrs in various shapes
5) Enhance your machining capabilities with Osawa's top-notch tools.

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355HPU, Kovametallipora, Läpijäähdyksellä 5XD, DIN6537L

Price 69.54 €

HF445 Solid carbide roughing end mill Z4 Variable Helix

Price 117.80 €
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Osawa Drill Bit Set 50 pcs 1 - 5.9 mm / HSS/TIN coating

Price 160.36 €
  • On sale!

Osawa Drill Bit Set 25 pcs 1-13 mm / HSS/TIN coating

Price 217.43 €
  • On sale!

Osawa Drill Bit Set 41 pcs 6-10 mm / HSS/TIN coating

Price 379.60 €