The business that has started since 1979 has, over the decades, grown to be a successful company not only in Finland but also in international fields.

 Our operations include machine and equipment manufacturing, import, wholesale and retail. Our annual expanding market area currently covers not only Finland, but also Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, as well as the Central and Southern Europe.

Our products

Most of our machinery products are made under our NOVA brand. The price-quality ratio meets the most demanding expectations. We deliver NOVA products and spare parts with a 12-24 months warranty directly from our stock. NOVA maintenance also works in our own facilities or with our partners.

In addition to machine and equipment manufacturing, we also operate in the areas of import, wholesale and retail. Our competitive product range is growing at an annual rate of 50-100 articles. We also specialize in the professional side of telecommunication systems such radios and accessories.

Our partners

Suppliers and partners are selected on the basis of a careful screening and qualification process, as we want to ensure the quality of the products we deliver. Quality assurance is only possible with direct contacts at all factories in Finland and worldwide. We always visit each of our new partners on site and carry out factory audits every year. We only cooperate with large, top quality and internationally renowned factories.


Our way of working with our partners ensures seamless cooperation, which is why:

 a. The products we sell are of the highest quality and reliability,

 b. our product prices are competitive,

 c. service is fast and

 d. background support is effective.


Our customers

The cornerstone of our business has always been satisfied customers, who we want to serve with fair trade. That's our ambition!

Welcome as our customer. How do you want - on the web or on the spot - check out our amazing product range! - Fair Trade

For business customers outside of Finland we can offer export invoicing with VAT 0% pricing. This can be easily done to your registered account at the webshop or manually by advance payment and proforma invoice.