X-45 L Milling Machine (long table)

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One of the most popular milling machines on the market. Good price/quality ratio.

X-45 L (pitkällä pöydällä)
  • X-45 L (pitkällä pöydällä)
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Otherwise the same as the Nova X-40, but the body is a so called. "Dovetail frame". (Instead of a vertical tube, the frame is quadruple) Here is one of the most popular milling machines on the market. Good price/quality ratio. Made tough for professional use, but the price is very reasonable. Gear driven with "Micro-feed". A machine with a lot of finesse, which can only be found in much more expensive models. Silent machine. 6 speed range: 75 to 3200 rpm. Max drilling capacity: 45 mm in iron and 32 mm in steel. Maximum milling capacity: 80/32 mm. Work table: 1000 x 240 mm. Tilt left and right 90 degrees. Reverse function. Drilling and milling at corners is very convenient and easy with this machine. Maximum longitudinal movement of the table: 760 mm. Side movement: 190 mm. Maximum distance between spindle and table: 460 mm. Motor: 1,5 kW, 380 V, 2800 rpm Weight: 350 kg.

Includes: Drill chuck, fastener for face mill MT4, collet adapter MT4-> MT3 and MT3-> MT2, T-slot screws, wedge key, oil can and wrench keys.

NOTE! 3-phase plug is not included in the package.

The stand and oil base are accessories.

The X-45 L is equipped with a larger table: 1000 x 240 mm.

Data sheet

Voltage (V)
Rated Power (W)
Motor (rpm)
Rotating speed (rpm)
75-3200 (12 speed)
Drilling capacity (mm)
45 / 32
Milling capacity (mm)
80 / 32
Head tilt (°)
Table T -slots (mm)
14 / 22
Spindle max distance to table (mm)
Spindle travel (mm)
Main table size (mm)
1000 x 240
Table movement (mm)
190 x 760
Weight (kg)
1 year
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X-45 L Milling Machine (long table)

X-45 L Milling Machine (long table)

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