BDS MAB 455 SB magnetic drill

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BDS MAB 455 SB magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 455 SB magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 455 SB magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 455 SB magnetic drill
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Delivery time within 8-10 weeks


MAB 455 SB magnetic base drilling machine with Swivel Base. A particularly high performance in steel construction. Easily positioned thanks to the Swivel Base adjustment feature. Tangible relief for operators when performing drilling works overhead or in horizontal situations. A good idea comes to life: BDS now offers four magnetic base drilling machines in two performance categories that include Swivel Base. How the swivel base works: place the drilling machine roughly in position, activate the magnet, release the adjustment feature and adjust it effortlessly. The swivel base enables the drill to be placed in exactly the right position without needing to hold the whole weight of the machine at the same time. This relief is an additional factor in work safety even when the machine is secured with a chain.

• Carrying Case
• Fastening chain
• Guide pin for hole saw ZAK 075 + 100
• Weldon keyless drill chuck 19,05 mm
• Wedge MT2

Data sheet

Voltage (V)
Rated Power (W)
Stroke length (mm)
Rotating speed (rpm)
250 / 450 (2 speed)
Core drill size Ø (mm)
Drilling capacity (mm)
Spindle travel (mm)
weldon 19
Swivel base
Permanent internal lubrication
Overheating protection
Magnet Size (mm)
84 x 160 x 41,5
Weight (kg)
1 year
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BDS MAB 455 SB magnetic drill

BDS MAB 455 SB magnetic drill

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