BDS MAB 1300 magnetic drill

BDS MAB 1300 magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 1300 magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 1300 magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 1300 magnetic drill
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This magnetic drilling machine fulfills all expectations that arise in heavy manufacturing conditions, etc. Annular cut drilling up to 130 mm (30 mm cutting depth). The entire spectrum of BDS annular cutters can be used with this machine: Twist drilling, reaming, countersinking and threading up to M42. By default, the MAB 1300 has a Weldon chuck with 32 mm Weldon shaft (1-1 / 4 ") and Morse Taper (MT) 4. If the base is removed, which can be done in just a few minutes, the machine's stroke length can be extended to one noteworthy 310 mm The machine is fully equipped with all the safety features available, for the current magnetic drilling technique: Overheating protection: protects tools from tool damage, warns when the carbon brushes are worn and warns when the magnetic strength is too low.
The MAB 1300 is supplied as standard in a stable carrying case on wheels made of shock-resistant plastic. It is thus very portable and easy to handle despite a weight of 51 kg.
Although the MAB 1300 is as powerful as it is, it uses single-phase power supply, which helps to reduce power consumption.
• Carrying Case
• Fastening chain
• Guide pin for hole saw ZAK 075 + 090
• Guide pin for hole saw ZAK 100 + 120
• Weldon adapter 32 - > 19 mm
• Wedge MT4

Data sheet

Voltage (V)
Rated Power (W)
Stroke length (mm)
Rotating speed (rpm)
30-80 /50-120 /130-350 /210-550 (4 speed)
Core drill size Ø (mm)
Drilling capacity (mm)
Thread cutting (mm)
Spindle travel (mm)
Reaming (mm)
Countersinking (mm)
CW / CCW rotation
Swivel base
Torque Control
Magnet indicator
Permanent internal lubrication
Friction clutch
Overheating protection
Magnet Size (mm)
120 x 360 x 65
Weight (kg)
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BDS MAB 1300 magnetic drill

BDS MAB 1300 magnetic drill

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