BDS MAB 825 magnetic drill

BDS MAB 825 magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 825 magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 825 magnetic drill
  • BDS MAB 825 magnetic drill
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The unique feature of MAB 825 is that it is equipped with a reversible motor. A reversible motor in magnetic drills is absolutely necessary if you are thread cutting. Once the tapping is finished, with a reversible motor you can remove the taps at the entry of the holes, which helps prevent the threads to get damaged. A reversible motor is also useful for right hand as well as left hand taps. With a reversible motor there is no need of extra tap-head attachment. 16 Amp double-insulated motor. 4-speed oil bath gearbox for applications requiring high power. Infinitely variable torque control and full-wave control electronics. Optional geared chuck IBC 21. Integrated cutting oil reservoir. Automatic internal lubrication. Automatic feed (model MAB 825 V). Keyless Cutter mount, Quick-change keyless cutter system for 19 mm (3/4") Weldon shank, Arbor for 31,75 mm (1-1/4") Weldon shank. Integrated Safety, Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation. Internal cable routing. Simple, ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation. Emergency-stop function.


• Carrying Case

• Fastening chain

• Guide pin for hole saw ZAK 075 + 090

• Guide pin for hole saw ZAK 100 + 120

• Weldon keyless drill chuck 19,05 mm

• Weldon chuck 32 mm

• Wedge MT3

Data sheet

Voltage (V)
Rated Power (W)
Stroke length (mm)
Rotating speed (rpm)
40-110 /65-175 /140-360 /220-600 (4 speed)
Core drill size Ø (mm)
Drilling capacity (mm)
Thread cutting (mm)
Spindle travel (mm)
weldon 19
Reaming (mm)
Countersinking (mm)
CW / CCW rotation
Swivel base
Torque Control
Magnet indicator
Permanent internal lubrication
Friction clutch
Overheating protection
Magnet Size (mm)
110 x 220 x 54
Weight (kg)
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BDS MAB 825 magnetic drill

BDS MAB 825 magnetic drill

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