NOVA RM12 Bead roller

Easy to attach to the workbench. Stable and durable construction.

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NOVA RM12 Rotary Machine
  • NOVA RM12 Rotary Machine
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NOVA RM12 is easy to attach to the workbench. The stable and robust RM12 has a gap of 381 mm and is capable of machining a sheet with a thickness of 1.2 mm. The 24 kg heavy machine is delivered with 6 pairs of track-/ edge rollers. Shaft diameter: 22 mm.

NOTE! The stand is optional accessory!
Roller diameter:

Inner: 22 mm

Outer: 49 mm

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Throat (mm)
Material max thickness (mm)
Weight (kg)
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NOVA RM12 Bead roller

NOVA RM12 Bead roller

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