SCAPA self-amalgamating tape

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Self-amalgamating tape for cable joints.

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UV-resistant Scapa self-amalgamating tape for cable joints, 10 m roll. During the installation phase, the vulcanization strip is strongly stretched (the width of the strip narrows by almost half), so that it melts immediately and forms a uniform, flexible mass that retains its technical properties permanently. You can use this vulcanizing tape on joints outdoors, for example to ensure that the joint is waterproof.

Thickness: 0.5 mm, width 19 mm.

Material: polyisobutylene

Tensile strength: 21 kg/cm2

Elongation: 600%

Breakdown voltage: 20 kV mm, short-term: 40 kV mm

Temperature range: -40°C ... + 90°C for a short time + 100°C

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SCAPA self-amalgamating tape

SCAPA self-amalgamating tape