Caliper IP67

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Caliper IP67 150 mm & 200 mm

-The very good protective properties make the caliper suitable for demanding working conditions. The caliper is dustproof according to the IP-67 requirements and can also withstand temporary immersion in water without damage.

-The absolute measuring scale requires a zero point setting only once, after which the measured value is always based on the same zero point. The zero point is maintained even after changing the battery.

-Set step 0.01 mm

-Stainless steel and stainless steel frame

-Millimeter and inch

-Low voltage message, automatic shutdown

-Very good protection against penetration of coolant and lubricant liquids

-Excellent sliding properties on the rail

-Delivered in a case with 2 pcs. of batteries

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1 year
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Caliper IP67

Caliper IP67