Midland ER300 varautumis/selviytymisradio

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Monipuolinen radio varustettuna tehokkaalla valaisimella ja sisäänrakennetulla varavirtalähteellä.

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Tilapäisesti loppu (kysy toimitusaikaa)


ER300 ULA/AM-radiovastaanotin sisäänrakennetulla 2000 mAh litiumioniakulla. Lataus toimii USB-kaapelilla, aurinkopaneelilla tai

dynamoveivillä.  Tehokas led-valaisin

Toimii myös varavirtalähteenä, USB-latausliitäntä matkapuhelimille, Bt-laitteille jne..

Voidaan käyttää myös 6 AA-paristolla tai akulla.

MIDLAND introduces ER300, an emergency device supplied with AM/FM receiver,

principally designed for emergency and safety situations, where keeping in contact is

crucial; but the ER300 is also an excellent solution for a daily use, for all outdoor activities, camping or in general in leisure time.

ER300 has multiple power sources: the dynamo crank placed on the rear side of the

product  that allows the manual recharge during a power outage or anytime away from a

power source, the solar panel that recharges the internal Li-Ion 2000mAh battery pack

or simply rechargeable batteries.

Thanks to the Mini-USB port it can be powered by a PC or any USB wall charger.

ER300 is a must for emergency situations and is an excellent choice full of features properly dedicated: at first, the ultrasonic dog whistle, that may assist search and rescue teams to locate individuals during emergencies, the extremely bright and powerful flashlight with Cree® led 130L and finally the SOS flashlight beacon that activates the Morse code for emergency assistance.

ER300 is also a powerful power-bank with USB port able to recharge all portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, BT intercom equipment, XTC action Cameras, mp3, everywhere and without the need of a main socket.

Its wide and bright LCD display clearly shows the activated functions and the charge level.

The high efficiency Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery pack supplied in the package guarantees up to 25 hours of use in normal conditions.


Radio frequency  ranges : 531-1,629 KHz (AM) / 87.5-108MHz (FM)

Battery recharge in 3 ways: dynamo, USB cable or solar panel

Power supply: long life rechargeable battery 3,7V DC Li-Ion 2000 mAh

SOS Morse code flashlight beacon

Charges external electronic devices with USB port

AM/FM Radio

Telescopic antenna

Digital clock

Headphone jack

Wide, bright LCD with backlight

6 x AA battery power option (not included)

Dimensions: 192 x 86 x 57mm

Weight: 470gr (battery included)

Battery will fully charge from dead in 5 hours with USB cable

1 Hour of sun exposure to Solar panel will provide 45 minutes of radio p

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Midland ER300 varautumis/selviytymisradio

Midland ER300 varautumis/selviytymisradio


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